Catteries in Yeppoon


Comfortable Cat Boarding

When you need a cat boarding facility where your beloved cat can feel comfortable at home, look no further than Yeppoon Boarding Kennels & Cattery. At our unique cattery, your cats will enjoy a relaxing stay. We provide a cosy indoor environment where your feline friend will receive lots of cuddles, attention and tender loving care from our qualified and friendly team.
Cat Food & Feeding
We feed the cats on premium quality foods. To make sure our feline guests receive the right amount of nutrients, we supplement their meal with a variety of wet foods. Fresh, clean water is also always available whenever they’re feeling thirsty.
Cat in Cat House — Pet Boarding Facility in Yeppoon, QLD

Spacious Accommodations

Feline guests will be staying in large, newly refurbished apartments complete with fluffy blankets, toys and scratchers. The Cat Shack, our large cat enclosure, is fully air conditioned to keep even the fussiest feline friends comfortable. Clean, beautiful and airy, The Cat Shack is a cosy, spacious residence that can fit about 40 cats.

Cosy, Relaxing Environment

We understand that cats love lounging. So, to keep your cat relaxed, we have placed the catteries far from the dog accommodation. The two accommodations are positioned on the opposite ends of the house with a yard in between, so the cats can rest without any disruption from the dogs. Plus, our catteries are fully insulated to muffle the barking from the kennels and doggie play areas.

Cat Condos & Entertainment

Our catteries have a flat screen TV so our little furry guests can watch the latest (and not so latest!) cat friendly films such as: Mouse Hunt, Stuart Little and Chicken Run. We also have cat condos, which have proved to be immensely popular among guests. About the size of a small room, cat condos are covered in special cat mesh and set up as bedrooms, with human beds (or a cot), scratching posts, chairs, toys, tunnels and more.